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Mirjam Verbeek Art

Oil paintings on canvas


During my study at the Rietveld Art Academy I became also proffesional rock climber by doing World competitions and breaking records for the Dutch levels..After graduating the Art Academy in Amsterdam, I travelled a lot to interesting climbing areas. In Amsterdam I had my studio, in nature I found the beauty, colours, power and also (because of my climbing ambitions) the challenge and danger... I became a proffesional climbing guide and was 7 times Dutch climbing champion. The raw and beautiful landscape was a continuing source of inspiration. My canvases are a translation of what I feel for Mother Earth. I never catch the landscapes on a technical, cognitive way. It's more an intuïtive, open state of mind. To let the paint speak for itself. It's how I climb in unknown rock formations; I try to read the structure and follow where it is taking me.

So my life is a mixture of culture in the city and being in nature, where I climb, walk, camp, bivouac and teach others to climb. Therefore I have two adresses to work and live.


the Netherlands


1,Rue Traversière

05700 Orpierre

la France