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Mirjam Verbeek Art

Oil paintings on canvas


2019: Aug-Sept Reizende Expo: Lost Genetic elements in Arts, Den Bosch.

2018: 29 June-29 July Hilton Hotel Paris, Charles de Gaulle, France

2018: 26 March - Sept. "De ronde tafel" huisartsen praktijk Hoevelaken.

2017: 1-24 Dec. Galerie Grang de Paul in 's Hertogenbosch: group expo "Art gift in December"

2017: 25 March: Zomer Expo; Water.

2016: 11 Dec. - 22 Jan. 2017: Galerie Grang de Paul Art: Group expo "Eternal Life"

2016: 5 nov. The night of the Arts, Groupe expo in Amsterdam, C-Lab Kunst West

2016: 28,29,30 Sept: live action painting on a coffin designed by Hans Denijs on a funeral expo.

2016: 3 & 4 sept.: Pintar Rapido; live action painting in Amsterdam Jordaan on saterday and groupe expo on sunday in the Posthoornkerk, Haarlemmerstraat, Amsterdam.

2016: 12 June: exposition of my Burkina Faso paintings in "Lola Luid" Piet Mondriaanstraat 140 in Amsterdam, een broedplaats voor design, kunst, food en fashion.

2016: 24 april - 4 juni: Galery Grangde Paul in 's Hertogenbosch. Group expo: "Lente, vruchtbaarheid met Lex" about the beauty of art & life!

2016: 3 january - 1 feb. Gallary & Artcafé Rogier Jonk, Plein 7, Bergen (Noord-Holland) Group expo: "Typical Dutch"

2015: 26 April - 24 May : Galery Grang de Paul in 's Hertogenbosch. Group expo: "Hello Spiritual Continent !"

2015: 21 March - 18 April: Hilton Hotel Schiphol Airport.

2014/15: 15 Dec - 13 March: 5 star Hotel Pulitzer, Prinsengracht 315/331 in Amsterdam.

2014: 2 - 30 Nov.: Galerie Grang de Paul in Den Bosch. Group expo: "Medicinal Power of Flora" 

2014: 30 - 31 May and 1 June: Open Ateliers Jordaan AMSTERDAM. Come and see my works at Rozenstraat 55- first floor and maybe many other interesting artists in the Jordaan of Amsterdam.

2013: July, Aug, Sept, Oct : Expo at Jonker & van Rijn fysiotherapeuten Amsterdam.

2013: January Febrary March: Expo at Pand020in Amsterdam.

2013: January & February Expo Galery de Stoker Portrets.

2012 / 2013:15 Nov - 15 January. Exposition: "Unvisible views" Vernisage: 2 dec.2012 from 11:00-15:00 h. Place: spiritual centre "de Roos" P.C. Hoofdstraat 183, Amsterdam at the Vondelpark.Open: 9:00 - 22:00h.   

2012: 30 September. Annual Dutch Art Fair. In the fashion centre in Amsterdam.

2011:New Art website: Art-en-France for Dutch artists living in France:

2011:Also on Art website

2011: April. Live action painting in Galeryde Stoker.

2011: 1 - 24 April. Expo in Galery de Stoker. small paintings 20 x 20 cm. Adress: Witte de Withstraat 124 in Amsterdam West.

2010 / 2011: December-January and February. Expo in Galery Charlotte Lught. Winter collection. Adress: Anjelierstraat 36 in the Jordaan, centre of Amsterdam.

2010: May. Open Ateliers Jordaan, Amsterdam.

2010: May and June. Solo expo in Galery Charlotte Lught. Adress: Anjelierstraat 36 in the centre of Amsterdam.

2010: Art expo in mountain magazine Hoogtelijn. (Dutch Alpine federation)

2010: April is the portret month in Galery de Stoker. Live action painting. I was working from 12:00- 16:00 h. Adress: Witte de Withstraat 124 in Amsterdam West. It is a live performance with other artists painting a portret of the sitting model in one day. 

2009 / 2010: 22 November - 12 January. Expo in Walls Galery at the Prinsengracht 737 in the centre of Amsterdam. It's together with many different artists. Vernisage: sunday 22 November.

2009:Article in Salt Magazine.

2009: Participation on the Artist

2009: 8-13 September. Expo at the Dutch Art Fair in Utrecht at the "Jaarbeurs".

2009: 1 April - 3 May. Solo expo in Galery Charlotte Lugt. Vernisage 13 April. There will be live music and drinks. Adress: Anjelierstraat 36, in the Jordaan, centre of Amsterdam.

2009: April month = portret month in Galery de Stoker. Every weekend live action painting. Adress: Witte de Withstraat 124 in Amsterdam West.

2008: Expo in Amstelveen, near Amsterdam.